TruSens Filter - HEPA | Allergy & Flu Anti-viral (高效濾芯-防過敏及抗流感)

TrusensSKU: TRU AFH-Z-1000-AGY01
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Works with: TruSens Z1000
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Allergy & Flu Anti-viral True HEPA Filters for TruSens  Air Purifiers

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Skip the sneezes and tissues. Relief from seasonal allergens starting today with these HEPA filters.

Allergy and Flu Filter Layers
Proven HEPA filtration captures 99% of airborne allergens and viruses, including the H1N1 virus, combined with the power of Ultraviolet (UV-C) light that kills germs and bacteria trapped in the filter. The all-in-one filter system combines an Anti-viral True HEPA filter with an activated carbon filter and a durable mesh prefilter.

Product Name in Chinese : Trusens 空氣新機專用Z1000, Z2000, Z3000 防過敏及抗流感高效 HEPA 濾芯

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