Targus ASM Magnetic Privacy Screen for Apple MacBook 磁吸式螢幕防窺片

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Title: MacBook 12"
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螢幕大小 Screen Size 12", 13.3", 15", 16"
防窺角度 Privacy View 正面60度角以內
60° from centre of screen
防眩光 Anti-Glare Yes
抗藍光 Anti-Blue Light 阻隔約 22% 藍光波
Approx. 22% Blue Light Cut
抗微生物 Anti-Microbial Yes
觸控螢幕 Touch Screen 適用 Compatible
保養 Warranty 1 Year


  • Protects private information with constrained viewing angles to 30° from either side.
  • Magnetic - Easy to attach, remove and clean.
  • Anti-Glare - Reduced glare via a low-reflective coating.
  • Anti Blue Light - Cuts harmful blue light to protect your eyes and feel comfortable.
  • Anti-Microbial - Coating provides outstanding activity against fungi and inhibits the growth of bacteria, ideal for touch screens.
  • Touchscreen compatible - Fingerprint resistant.
  • Reversible - Glossy or matte sides to suit your viewing preferences.
  • Scratch-Resistant - Helps protect from everyday dust and scratches.
  • Country of Origin : Taiwan.
  • 利用超微細百葉窗的光學科技,只有正面60度角以內之電腦使用者才能清楚看見熒幕上的資料,任何人若想從側面觀看,所見僅是漆黑畫面。
  • 磁貼:輕鬆容易安裝、 移除、清洗 。
  • 防眩光 - 低反射塗層可降低眩光
  • 防藍光 - 保護眼睛、減輕眼睛疲勞-  
  • 防刮花 - 保護熒幕表面,防止刮花及損壞
  • 雙面設計 - 高清光面及防反光霧面霧面效果可減少指紋殘留。
  • 觸控式螢幕可用。
  • Anti-Microbial 抗菌塗層 - 增添了一層抗微生物塗層,觸控螢幕的完美配搭。
  • 臺灣製造

Targus Magnetic Privacy Screens are the simple, effective way to protect your on-screen data. They integrates seamlessly with your MacBook's screen by attaching to the magnets which already built in to the MacBook's frame. No onlookers can view information from either the left or right side of your screen, onlookers only see a dark, unclear screen. On-screen data is only viewable when you are directly in front of the screen. Using a Targus Privacy Screen means you can work productively and comfortably with confidential business information wherever you are, in the knowledge that your on-screen data is protected from prying eyes.

Targus 磁吸式螢幕防窺片是保護您螢幕資訊最簡單、有效的方法。 防窺片可吸附在MacBook螢幕外框內建的磁鐵與其無縫接合。旁人從螢幕兩側只能看到黑色、模糊的畫面。只有位於螢幕正前方才可看見螢幕資訊。 使用 Targus 磁吸式螢幕防窺片代表不論您在何處,皆可有效舒適地處理機密商業資訊,別人無法窺視您的螢幕內容。

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