SHIFTCAM Traditional Macro ProLens for Smartphone / iPhone


Title: Traditional Macro
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SHIFTCAM 2.0 Traditional Macro ProLens for Smartphone / iPhone

Matches the ProLens with Shiftcam Universal Lens Mount making it compatible with most Andriod smartphones or iPhones. It can be mounted directly in to any Shiftcam 2.0 iPhone Case with a ProLens Adapter.

Notes : Universal Lens Mount is sold separately?(buy now)

Traditional 10x Macro
See beyond the naked eye and magnify the precious details

?Magnify the details of your subjects, where the value lies. Capture impressive textures of materials to reveal the macro perspective.

Bring Details to Life With 10x Magnification. Magnify the intricate details - focus in on specific elements of your subject to bring the details to life.

Extreme Depth of Field Perspective.Create sharp focus on subject details - added depth of field to create perspective and focus on your subject.

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