SHIFTCAM 60mm Telephoto ProLens for Smartphone / iPhone

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SHIFTCAM 60mm Telephoto ProLens for Smartphone / iPhone

Notes : This package only contains 1 x 60mm Telephoto ProLens. Universal Lens Mount or iPhone Case are not included

Matches the the 60mm Telephoto ProLens with Shiftcam Universal Lens Mount making it compatible with most Andriod smartphones or iPhones.?It can be mounted directly in to?any Shiftcam 2.0 iPhone Case with a ProLens Adapter.

Shoot Portraits Like a Pro

Create stunning emotional portraits of your subject, by focusing in with a compressed perspective with added shallow depth of field.

Create Intimate Shot Without Intrusion
Shoot intimate and emotional portraits - zoom in for an intimate portrait of your subject without having to get too close.?

Compressed Perspective With Balanced Proportions
Shoot pro portraits - get a compressed perspective without changing the proportions of your subject for a natural look.

?Achieve 2-5x Optical Zoom
Zoom into the highlights - the optical zoom allows you to focus in on those unique details of an architectural structure.

Made with professional grade of optical glasses for ultra clear image production.

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