Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Conferencing System

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PanaCast 50 is packed with game-changing Jabra technology to upgrade the hybrid meeting experience and make sure everyone can see and hear clearly.

Jabra's inclusive 180° field of view shows more of your space than any other video bar on the market and its signature world-leading professional audio gives everyone equal say, so the conversation flows naturally between virtual and in-the-room participants, just like when they’re sat right next to each other.

But what really sets PanaCast 50 apart is its unique AI-powered adaptive architecture which keeps your device at the forefront of video technology for evolving user needs. It also drives the intelligent features to help you follow exactly what’s going on – whether you’re sat anywhere in the room or dialing in from afar.

With PanaCast 50 you don’t have to be in the room to be at the heart of the meeting.

Mark your territory
We’re all for transparency in meetings, but when it comes to using intelligent cameras in glass offices or open-plan meeting areas, it’s not always the best idea. That’s because the people detection technology in PanaCast 50 is so good it can identify all visible faces nearby - even if they’re outside your meeting area. Just use the Intelligent Meeting Space feature in Jabra Direct. It allows you to clearly define your virtual room boundaries so you can be confident only those inside your specified area get included.

PanaCast 50 配備了改變遊戲規則的 Jabra 技術,可升級混合會議體驗並確保每個人都能清楚地看到和聽到。

Jabra 的包容性180° 視野比市場上任何其他視頻酒吧都能展示更多的空間,其標誌性的世界領先的專業音頻讓每個人都有平等的發言權,因此虛擬參與者和室內參與者之間的對話自然流暢,就像當他們坐在一起時。

但真正讓 PanaCast 50 與眾不同的是其獨特的人工智慧驅動的自適應架構,使您的裝置始終處於視訊技術的前沿,以滿足不斷變化的用戶需求。 它還驅動智慧功能來幫助您準確追蹤正在發生的事情 - 無論您坐在房間的任何地方還是從遠處撥號。

透過 PanaCast 50,您將處於會議的中心位置,不受任何地理限制。

Great meetings start with great sound and as the world leaders in professional audio, that’s something we know a thing or two about. Jabra has reinvented meeting room audio for modern ways of working, with eight professional-grade microphones and precision voice detection.

Intelligent algorithms automatically identify and remove residual echo and static noise and we added an array of four powerful speakers in a zero-vibration stereo setup, to fill the room with premium, high-definition sound.

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