S-View SBFAG-13.3W 抗藍光濾片 (286.4x179mm) Sview Blue Light Cut Screen Filter for 13.3" Notebooks (16:10)

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Title: Sview SBFAG-13.3W
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S-View SBFAG-13.3W
手提電腦 / 筆記型電腦 - 抗藍光保護濾片
Laptops / Notebook Computers Blue Light Cut Screen Filter (Anti-Blue Light)

Screen Size : 286.4x179 mm 螢幕尺吋 : 286.4x179 mm
Aspect Ratio  16 : 10 螢幕比例 16 : 10
Anti-UV : 99% (200-400nm) 抗紫外光 : 99%
Anti-Blue Light : Approx 45% (380-500nm) 抗藍光 : 平均阻隔約 45% 藍光波
Anti-Glare : prevent glare and eye fatigue 防眩光 : 減低眼睛疲倦及頭痛
Anti Scratch : 3H hardness 防刮硬度 : 3H
Made in Korea 韓國製造
Test Report Product Catalog User Manual

S-VIEW Blue Light Cut Screen Filter - yv.com.hk

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