Rocketbook ORBIT KIT Notepad 背板替換型智能記事本

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Size: (A4) Letter 21.6 x 27.9 cm
color: Infinity Black
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Rocketbook ORBIT Reusable Erasable Paper Kit with Backboard

The Rockebook Orbit is pen and paper legal pad that is reusable, modular, cloud-connected, erasable, magnetic, lefty-friendly, customizable, top-bound, and just for you! The original legal pad design hasn"t been revisited since 1888, No wonder it"s the 21st century and the most widely-used writing surface can?™t connect to the digital universe and is a doomsday device for trees. Legal pad users everywhere should be held in contempt! Until now. The Orbit comes in two sizes and includes one Lined/Dot Grid magnetic Page Pack.

Letter :       Pad Board 23.7 cm x 33.2 cm / Paper 21.6 cm x 29.1 cm
Executive : Pad Board 16.6 cm x 27.3 cm / Paper 15.2 cm x 22.4 cm

The Orbit Pad is made of rigid plastic composite covered by durable textured synthetic material
Pen doc located at the top for your convenience
Package includes : one magnetic Lined/Dot Grid Page Pack with 20 sheets (40 pages front and back), one Pilot FriXion pen, and one microfiber cloth

Rocketbook Orbit 是現代記事本,它用途廣泛,可重複使用,筆記可擦除且環保,並且可以與 Rocketbook App 提供雲端保存、分享和記錄,絕對是是工作、學習和分享創意的完美工具。Rocketbook Orbit Pages 專為新時代而打造! 帶磁力的圓形金屬扣將紙張固定到背板,方便你隨時更換或排序。 當您使用 Pilot Frixion 系列中的任何筆書寫時,您的書寫感覺會像普通紙一樣,但是只需要加一滴水和超細纖維布輕擦一下……筆記本就會像魔法一樣擦除。

Orbit 背板由硬質塑料複合材料製成。 表面由耐用的紋理合成材料製成。筆座位於背板頂部,方便使用並防止筆丟失。

水平線/點網格模板頁 20 頁(前後共 40 頁)
一支 Pilot FriXion 筆(黑色)

Letter (A4) 紙張尺寸:21.6 x 29.1. 厘米 (接近A4尺寸)
背板尺寸:23.7 x 33.2 厘米

Executive (A5) 紙張尺寸:15.2 x 25.3 厘米 (接近A5尺寸)
背板尺寸:16.6 x 27.3 厘米

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