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Shiftcam REVOLCAM for Smart Phone

RevolCam is an innovate approach to improving your smartphone camera. The compact, easy to use design fits on any smartphone, giving you many creative options. With three lenses that can be swapped in seconds with just a flick of the finger, thanks to the revolving design, this is smartphone photography evolved.

The wide angle, fisheye and macro lenses give you incredible options for any situation, including a built-in mirror for high-quality selfies and a detachable LED light for perfect photos in any conditions.

Revolving Design - switch lenses is just a flick away

Lightweight, detachable, and adjustable LED light, with a built-in mirror

Giving you a choice of wide-angle, fisheye and macro lenses, RevolCam??opens up the creative options for Smartphones like never before. Get in close with the macro lens, capture glorious landscape vistas with the wide-angle lens, and explore the creativity of the fisheye. Because you can swap lenses at will in a second, you always have every option available, all the time.

With RevolCam??you get three high-quality lenses in the Multi-Lens system, wide-angle, fisheye and macro lenses that give you a solution for every situation

With a detachable LED light to ensure you can shoot whatever the conditions, and a selfie mirror for capturing those precious memories in the highest quality your camera can manage, it?™s got it all. Why take multiple gadgets when RevolCam??has everything for a smartphone photography revolution.

Detachable LED light to keep your photos well-lit at all times helping you create the perfect photo whatever the conditionsDetachable LED light to keep your photos well-lit at all times, helping you create the perfect photo whatever the conditions.?

One thing that people forget when it comes to photography, is that the only useful accessories are the ones you take with you. On a night out with friends, you will want quality photos to remember it all, but do you want to take a big photo bag with you to achieve it? No, of course not, that is why we made sure RevolCam??is lightweight enough that you will forget you have it, until you want to use it.

It sits low profile on the phone so never gets in your way, and is the only photo gadget you will need.

It's easy to install, you just clip it onto any smartphone and off you go, whether you have the latest phone or something else, it even works with tablets and laptops if you want, the complete photo solution for everything you do!





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