LINQ 5-in-1 USB-C Multiport Hub w/ PD up to 87W

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丹麥品牌 LINQ 5-in-1 USB-C Multiport Hub with Power Delivery up to 87 Watt (87W)

LINQ 5in1將您的單個 USB-C 端口變成 5 個有實用的端口,從而為您連接多個設備的端口。鋁製光滑設計的優質感覺
支持功率高達 87W
將單個 USB-C 端口轉換為5個端口(具有電源傳輸功能的USB-C,超高速 USB-A,60Hz 的 HDMI 4K 顯示屏,60Hz 的 VGA 1080P 顯示屏)
1 x HDMI HDTV 4K * 2K(3840 * 2160)@ 60Hz,向下兼容1080P 720P等
1 x USB-C 充電端口,支援 Power Delivery (PD),20V @ 3A,支持最大87W電源適配器(輸入)
1 x USB-C 母端口超高速USB-C 3.0,最大電源電壓為 4.5W
2 個 USB-A 超高速USB 3.0,最大供電功率為 4.5W

The LINQ 5-in-1 USB-C Multiport Hub turns your single USB-C port into 5 valuable ports providing you with ports to connect multiple devices again. Its sleek and compact design in aluminum gives you the premium feeling you deserve.
Supports power up to 87W
Converts a single USB-C port into 5 ports (USB-C with power transfer function, super-speed USB-A, 60Hz HDMI 4K display, 60Hz VGA 1080P display)
1 x HDMI HDTV 4K * 2K (3840 * 2160) @ 60Hz, backward compatible with 1080P 720P, etc.
1 x USB-C female port, PD, 20V @ 3A, supports up to 87W power adapter (input)
1 x USB-C female port SuperSpeed ​​USB-C 3.0 with a maximum power supply voltage of 4.5W.
Two USB-A super high-speed USB 3.0, the maximum power supply is 4.5W.

Brand: LINQ by Elements - Denmark

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