KUHVUR ASP323-SA Laptop Computer Cable Lock | 2M Steel Cable | Combination and Master Key | Serialized code on lock & keys | Built-in Security Lock Slot | Standard lock slot (3x7mm) 筆記簿電腦鎖 - 匙鎖

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For Devices: Laptops / Desktops
Key Lock | Combination Lock: Combination Master Keyed
Lock Slot Compatibility: Kensington T-Bar 3x7mm
Sale price$298.00 HKD


KUHVUR ASP321-SA Computer Cable Lock

Works With Laptops, Desktops, iMac, Surface Studio
Lock Slot Standard slot (3x7mm)
Lock Type Master Keyed  push-button lock with Resettable 4 digit-code provides up to 10,000 locking combinations
Cable Length 200 cm (2 Meters)
Material Carbon Steel Cable in vinyl coating
Pull Resistance  Over 80 kgf
Special Features
  • Built-in Multi-purpose Self-lock Adapter
  • Convenient Push button design
Warranty 5 Years
Package Includes 1 x Cable Lock
1 x Cable Organizer

Features :

  • Designed for Devices fitted with Standard (3x7mm) lock slots
  • Dual Master Keyed lock and 4-digit Resettable Combination lock
  • Secure carbon steel cable in PVC protective coating
  • Sturdy Zinc Alloy lock housing offers tough tamper resistance
  • Specially built-in multi-purpose self-lock adapter for locking iMac, Surface Studio, or any other devices and items without a lock slot
  • 360° swivel design for best flexible workspace comfort
  • Quick and easy to use
  • ROHS compliant

The KuhVur Dual Computer Cable Key/Combination Lock is an ideal solution to lock most laptops / notebooks / monitors for any display setting, whether it’s a retail store, corporate office, school lab, restaurant or any open access area.

The KuhVur ASP323-SA-MK Computer Cable Lock is a sturdy locking device featuring a 2 metre Carbon Steel Cable with a pass-through security loop on one end and a industry standard T-Bar lock on the other end. The lock utilizes the standard security slot (3x7mm) on your Laptops, tablets & notebook computers, LCD monitor, Projector or other devices.