Fujitsu OPS i7 MT63A Slot-in PC Module with Window 10 Professinal License

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Fujitsu Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) 通過 PC Module (嵌入式的電腦) 插入觸控顯示屏插槽,節省空間,。預裝Windows 10 專業版來提高作業能力,您可以將觸控顯示屏用於多個應用程序,而無需筆記本電腦或手機等外部設備。

Fujitsu Interactive Panel (Smart Whiteboard) is embedded with Android operating system. For users need more powerful high-end applications, OPS PC Module with Microsoft Window 10 Professional can be installed. Each Fujitsu's interactive panel has a slot for OPS PC Module. With this i7 Processor OPS,  it brings you all the fuctions of a computer to your interactive whiteboard.

富士通觸控顯示屏(智能白板)內嵌 Android 安卓操作系統。 對於需要更強大或高端應用程式的用戶,可以安裝帶有 Microsoft Window 10 Professional 的 OPS PC 模塊。 每個 Fujitsu 的顯示屏都有一個用於 OPS PC 模塊的插槽。 將 Windows PC 嵌入顯示屏,提高生產力。

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