Brother TZeFX231 (12mm x 8M) Black on White Flexible Laminated Tape TZe-FX231 白底黑字 弧面/線纜專用標籤帶(已過膠/覆膜/護貝)

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Tape Width: 12mm
Tape Color: White
Tape Function: Flexible
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For use on Label Printers 適用標籤機
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Model : TZe-FX231 / TZeFX231 
Tape : Flexible ID Laminated 
Color : Black on White 
Size : 12mm x 8metres 
Brother TZe-FX 線纜專用 標籤帶,特柔軟,易彎曲,可包覆在電線或管狀的弧形表面,作各種複雜線材,管道之配置標示。 

此系列標籤帶將標籤帶的粘著面背對背黏貼,或將標籤帶包覆在電線管路等弧形表面上,可作各種複雜線材、纜線、管路配置分類標示。並且標籤帶表面有一層保護膜,為Brother之特殊專利【護貝標籤帶】防水、耐熱(-50度至300度)、耐磨、不怕紫外線、與化學藥品及油漬之侵蝕。 Brothers patented P-touch TZe laminated tapes

已過膠標籤帶幾乎可以貼在任何的平面上,其質地十分耐用,可防刮花、抗磨損。它同時具防水特性,所以適合在室內及室外使用。不論是水、油,以至化學品倒在其上,均無損其表面,甚至在強紫外光的照射下,也不會令其字樣磨蝕。此外,它更能抵禦由冰箱至微波爐的極端氣溫。 Brother TZ label tapes - Tested to the Extreme

Special adhesive for cable wrap/flagging applications 
Primarily used for the identification of cables and fibre, the Brother TZe-FX flexible-ID label tape cassette has been developed with a special adhesive that allows the label to be either wrapped repeatedly around a cable, or can be stuck to itself in the style of a flag. 
It is also suitable for other applications where there are tightly curved surfaces such as pipes and conduits. 

Brother TZe labels print on the underside of the laminate, sandwiching text between two layers of film, making the characters virtually indestructible. Brother TZe Laminate tapes can stick on virtually any surface and is durable enough to withstand scrapes and abrasions. Because it is water-resistant, it can be used outdoors, as well as indoors. It shrugs off spills of any kind, from water to oil to chemicals, and it won't fade under harsh UV rays. It also stays on in hot and cold environments from freezers to microwaves. 


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