Brother SDX1200 ScanNCut Accessories 配件 CADXVBKIT1 Vinyl Auto Blade Kit 塑膠自動刀片套裝


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Brother SDX1200 ScanNCut CADXVBKIT1 Vinyl Auto Blade Kit 塑膠自動刀片套裝

For use on  適用型號 Brother ScanNCut SDX1200
  • 該套件包括一個塑膠自動刀片架(已安裝刀片),非常適合切割精細的圖案,該套件還在CanvasWorkspace(Windows / Mac)中增加了兩個功能(Weeding Box和Tiling功能),從而可以創建項目使用黏性的塑膠和烙鐵轉印材料,以及超出墊子尺寸的大型項目。
  • 有些圖案需要另購配件,例如12”x 24”(305mmx 610mm)墊子或捲軸式送紙器(CADXRF1)。
  • 只適用於Brother ScanNCut DX系列。
  • This kit includes a vinyl auto blade holder (with a blade installed), ideal for cutting detailed patterns. The kit also adds two functions (Weeding Box function and Tiling function) to CanvasWorkspace (Windows/Mac).
  • This makes it possible to create projects using adhesive craft vinyl and iron-on transfer material as well as large projects that exceed the size of the mat.
  • Some patterns require optional accessories such as 12” x 24” (305 mm x 610 mm) mat or Roll Feeder (CADXRF1).
  • For use with Brother ScanNCut DX machine only.

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