Brother SDX1200 ScanNCut Accessories 配件 CADXCLGPEN3 Calligraphy Pens 3 美工筆組(三)


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Brother SDX1200 ScanNCut CADXCLGPEN3 Calligraphy Pens 3 美工筆組(三)

For use on  適用型號 Brother ScanNCut SDX1200
  • 5支在紙上繪畫的書法彩筆。
  • 適用於 Brother 裁剪機美工筆座。
  • 只適用於 Brother ScanNCut DX 機種。
  • Five calligraphy color pens for drawing on paper.
  • For use with Brother Cutting Machine Calligraphy pen holder.
  • For use with Brother ScanNCut DX machine only.

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