Brother ScanNCut 配件 CAMATSTD12 (CAMATF12) 標準切割墊 Standard Cutting Mat 12"x12" (不適用於SDX1200)


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Multi-Purpose Three-in-one Standard Mat CAMATSTD12 - combining CAMATF12 (High-Tact), CAMATP12 (Middle-Tact) & CAMATS12 (Scanning) into one

  • Standard Mat, 12×12 (305mm x 305mm)
  • Specially designed for a wide range of materials from fabrics to handmade papers, cutting up to 12inch x 12inch
  • (not suitable for thin papers like printer paper, please use CAMATLOW low-tact Cutting Mat for thin papers)

For use on Brother ScanNCut
CM100 , CM250 , CM350 , CM550DX , CM650W , CM700 , CM900 

NOT FOR SDX1200 (不適用於SDX1200)

三合一 多功能 標準墊 CAMATSTD12
(取代 CAMATF12-標準切割墊, CAMATP12-中黏性切割墊, CAMATS12-掃描墊)

標準墊 12”×12” - 用於固定粘貼材料以進行剪裁的。較強粘貼能性適用於紙張、布料等各種素材。(不適用於薄紙如打印紙)掃描、剪裁範圍高達12×12

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