Brother ScanNCut CACVPPAC2 Pattern Collection Premium Pack 2 (25 Patterns) 雜錦花樣套裝

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This Brother ScanNCut Canvas Premium Pack 2 includes 25 Image Tracing Patterns to use with any ScanNCut machine.

You'll receive an activation code for the Enhanced Image Tracing function that the ScanNCut machines uses to access these new patterns.

New users will be required to create a free ScanNCut Canvas account before having access to the web tutorials and assistants!

All the patterns are suitable for a wide variety of occasions so you'll have something to use for any project!


  • Brother ScanNCut Canvas Premium Pack 2
    • Activation card for Enhanced Image Tracing Function and for 25 design patterns


A fantastic pack of high quality patterns to use with your ScanNCut machine, complete with an activation code for the Enhanced Image Tracing function!

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