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Title: Small Grey and Black 8-pack
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BlueLounge Pixi Multi-Purpose Reusable Ties

Quickly, easily, and securely bind together cables, extension cords, camping gear and more. Never go in search of scissors to cut another zip tie again.
Pixi is an adjustable and reusable tie that can be used on every project imaginable. The elastomeric bungee at the end of Pixi keeps stuff tight and secure. To use Pixi, simply loop the bungee end around the object you want to secure, bring the tail through the loop – just under the button fastner – and pull back to trap the bungee slack in the channel that runs the length of the button. To release, pull the slack to thin the bungee and free it from the locking channel.

Small Pixi 
Grey and Black (4 each)
Orange and Blue (4 each)
12 cm / 4.7 in
20 cm / 7.8 in

Small Pixi: Grey, Black, Orange, Blue

Medium Pixi
Green and Black (3 each)

32 cm / 12.5 in
44 cm / 17.3 in

Medium Pixi: Green and Black

Large Pixi
Red and Black (2 each)

56 cm / 22 in
84 cm / 33 in

Medium Pixi: Red and Black

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