BlueLounge SOBA Cable Director

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BlueLounge SOBA  Cable Director

Vortex Technology

Use the zipper in a sliding motion to open and route cables. Once the zipper passes, Vortex Technology will auto-coil the tube, bundling the cables inside.

Place the tube in the center of the zipper with the flap inserted into the open end and turn until fully trapped in the zipper.

Place one or more cables in opening created by the zipper.

Pull the zipper along using you index finger to guide cables.

Mounting caps help route bundled cables wherever you need them, under desks, along walls or behind a piece of furniture.

Soba bundles up to three cables in its tubing, making it easier to manage.

Package Contents

A. 10 feet of Vortex tube
B. 2 End Caps
C. 3 Mounting Caps
D. 1 Y-Split
E. 1 Vortex Zipper Tool
F. 5 Rubber Bands

Colors :  available in Black or White.

Mounting Cap

Place tubing inside and snap closed. Adhesive backing adheres cap to wall or desk.

End Cap

End cap snaps together.


Device snaps over the tubing intersection.

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