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?œLove the smart little widgets from Bluelounge, this time they?™re organising
cables with the help of the simple cable grips...????Tenniswood Blog

Cable management is essential in our modern day lives. These multi-purpose clips keep all sizes of cables tidy and untangled. For the home, office, workshop and traveling, CableClip manages your cables in a simple and fun way by keeping cables accessible and organized. Perfect for stowing away all surplus cables.

Due to the variety of sizes and colors, all peripheral cables can be available and ready when needed.

They are also great for laptops, cluttered desks and all electronic accessories & chargers. Quick to fasten, they will hold your cables in a convenient & compact bundle. When required the cable can either be partially extended, loop by loop, or the entire cord released at once. CableClip easily allows you to shorten a cable while in use, making any work station manageable. Simply take your cord and wrap it around CableClip.

To bundle and store smaller data cords or earbuds, wrap the cord around your hand or fist to make loops. Insert the cords on each end of CableClip and now the unruly cord stays in one place ready when needed. To quickly shorten a dangling cords while in use, clip in CableClip and wrap your cord around it. Formerly dangling cords are now tidy, clean & secure.

Available in ThreeSizes

Small (25 x 26 x 11 mm): Ideal for short or thin cords such as earbud cords, small data cables and charger cords.

Medium (39 x 36 x 16 mm): Ideal for shortening or storing USB & data cords, small power cords, audio cords and phone cables.

Large (61 x 51 x 29 mm): Ideal for shortening or storing thick or long power cords and ethernet network cables


Small: Three green and three dark grey.
Medium: Two orange and two dark grey.
Large: One light grey and one dark grey.

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