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Seamless Connections 

Connect It All with Targus Docking Solutions

Today’s enterprises consist of a wide range of computer hardware platforms, software applications, and operating systems. Add in hoteling, hot desking, and any other flexible work environments – and you have a challenge for IT administrators who seek to accommodate this diverse workplace. If your goal is to maximize efficiency and productivity, a Targus docking solution can meet your most demanding requirements.

Why Targus for Docking?

Truly Universal Compatibility

Imagine the simplicity of having one docking station that works for your entire enterprise – supporting USB Type-A or USB Type-C devices (or both!) and working across all major platforms. As the global leader in docking, Targus is uniquely equipped to make it happen. Our universal docking solutions are fully tested and proven to work with Mac® and PC platforms, as well as Chrome™ OS, Android™, and Linux® operating systems. This broad and flexible compatibility means you don’t need to replace your docking solutions during every laptop or OS refresh – making Targus the preferred future-proofing solution.

But Not Every Dock Can Be Universal

As manufacturers are introducing USB Type- C connectors into their products, they’re using it in various ways that are not always universally compatible – thus requiring an Alternate Mode (Alt Mode) dock. We know and understand that challenge. Our experts are on hand to navigate your needs and help you determine the optimal dock for your environment.

Follow the Fortune 1000

We’re proud to say the biggest names in global business trust Targus – with over 90% of Fortune 1000 companies using our products. We’ve deployed more than 1 million universal docking stations around the world in more than 12,000 organizations – from financial and government to technology, real estate, and more.

Collaboration at the Core

We believe the best solutions are driven by intelligent innovation combined with great collaboration. That’s why we work closely with all major technology vendors – including Apple®, Dell®, HP®, and Lenovo® – to ensure that our docking stations are rigorously tested to be truly universal and perform reliably from day one.


Don’t be fooled by others who claim universal compatibility, but can’t provide validation.

Targus stands behind its claim of truly universal compatibility – with docks that are rigorously tested and proven to play nicely with everyone.


Proprietary Enterprise Software

Our exclusive software not only enhances security, but also improves the user experience on Windows®-based platforms. Features like Wi-Fi auto -switch, MAC address cloning, and storage of user settings are just a few reasons why our docking solutions are the top choice for mobile professionals.

Global Support

With Targus, your road to full productivity is easy – and one you don’t need to traverse alone. Our global team of field applications engineers are there to provide complete pre-and post-deployment guidance to ensure your success and provide peace of mind.

Mobile-Minded from the Start

Thirty-five years and a history of firsts equips us, and you, to proactively prosper in an ever- evolving world. Over the past 15 years, we’ve channeled our expertise into solutions that now support the very latest advancements, including support for 4K video, USB -C, and Thunderbolt™ 3. Whatever the future may hold – whatever technologies may emerge – you can rest assured that global leader Targus will be right there leading the way.

Industry-Leading, 3-Year Warranty

We stand behind our product quality. Targus offers an industry-leading, three-year warranty, so you’ve got full confidence that our docking stations will perform – and continue to perform – to your full expectations for years to come.

All the Features You Need. Nothing You Don’t.

Everyday Connections, Simplified

A single USB cable easily expands workstations with the addition of multiple displays and your go-to peripherals. So, there’s no need to plug in accessories each time you come and go from your desk.

USB-C Connections

As more enterprises make the move to USB-C technology – and even pure USB-C devices – our docking stations, adapters, and cables are built to support the transition to increased power and speed while providing backwards compatibility and 4K video capability.

An Organized Workspace

Universal docking stations help free up desk space and keep cables tangle -free. Since a single connection links all your peripherals to your laptop, your workspace stays neat and organized.

Dual Displays

It’s faster and easier to switch between documents or view spreadsheets and other content side by side when you have two monitors instead of one. A Targus dual display dock gives you more screen real estate to work with to help boost your productivity.

4K Video

Whether you’re a video editor, create high-end content, or you just want to stream movies in ultra-high definition, a 4K-capable docking station is for you. You’ll get four times the quality of 1080P high-definition views with 4K resolution.

Thunderbolt™ 3 Compatibility

Thunderbolt™ 3 compatible docks are ideal for the needs of rich content developers like designers, engineers, and animators who demand high speeds, pure image resolution, and zero latency. Simply plug in your peripherals and monitors to this high-performance dock, and take advantage of quality streaming at operating speeds of up to 40Gbps.

Power Delivery

Keep your adapter in the bag with a docking station that delivers power. You’ll power up your laptop and smartphone with this dock, and there’s no need to plug into an external power source every time you arrive at your desk.


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