Brother SDX1200 ScanNCut Accessories 配件 CADXPRNTCUT1 Print to Cut for CanvasWorkspace 打印切割啟動卡


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Brother SDX1200 ScanNCut CADXPRNTCUT1 Print to Cut for CanvasWorkspace 打印切割啟動卡

For use on  適用型號 Brother ScanNCut SDX1200
  • 透過使用CanvasWorkspace的打印切割功能,可以添加定位標記,以便使用Brother ScanNCut DX系列裁剪機的掃描功能來檢測切割位置。
  • 透過CanvasWorkspace,您可以與機器有效地裁切相同圖像或裁切出圖像的指定部分。
  • With the Print to Cut function of CanvasWorkspace, registration marks can be added in order to use the scanning function of a Brother ScanNCut DX series cutting machine to detect the cutting position.
  • By using material printed with images and registration marks together with cutting data created in CanvasWorkspace, you can efficiently cut the same image with the machine or cut out a specific part of the image.

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