Brother ScanNCut SDX1200 All-in-One Cutting, Scanning & Drawing Machine (USB/WiFi) 創意裁剪機

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Functions Built-in Scanner Built-in designs Connection
Scan-to-Cut, Direct-to-Cut, Fabric Cut, Pen Draw, Half-cut With the improved 600 dpi built-in scanner, can in your favourite photos, drawings or large patterns on the generous scanning area of up to 297 x 603 mm with the 24" scanning mat. Save as jpeg files direct to USB flash drive. *24"scan mats are available as optional accessories. Select 1,303 built-in designs and 17 fonts. Wireless connectivity,USB Flash Drive,USB Cable connect with PC
Main Features
Large 5'' LCD touch screen displayThe extra-large non-glare display makes it easier to edit, zoom and customize your designs with no PC or mobile device required.
Fully automatic blade (cuts materials up to 3mm)The sensor of the machine will recognise the thickness of the material and adjust the blade settings automatically.
Direct cut and half cut funcitonScan your material, create the outline cuts and select your design from the surface to cut out directly. The half cut function is perfect for cutting personalised stickers.
Built-in 1,303 designs and 17 fontsGet creative! Basic shapes, intricate designs, borders, quilt patterns, fonts, and more are all available on the easy-to-use color LCD touch screen display.
600 DPI Built-in ScannerTurn your scanned images into unique, one-of-a-kind cut designs and patterns. The secret lies in the 600 DPI built-in scanner with enhanced scanning with color recognition. Choose to scan in either grayscale or RGB color mode.
Optional accessory - Roll feederExpand your creative possibilities with the optional Roll Feeder. Great for creating longer designs for home décor, or shop windows.
Or high volume cutting of repeat jobs like stickers or logos.
ScanNCutCanvasFree cloud-based web application for editing and designing cut data. Tablet-Friendly - Edit on the go and transfer files via the ScanNCutCanvas transfer function. Please go to visit: or click here for the latest PC version
Project GalleryCreate projects with step-by-step instructions and FCM cut files.
Wireless networkThe new ScanNCut Online feature allows you to connect wirelessly in order to transfer cut data to and from the ScanNCut machine via ScanNCutCanvas.

記憶體 1.5MB
顯示屏幕 LCD 5" 彩色觸控螢幕
控制按鈕 開機/停止/ 功能設定/ 主螢幕/ 能夠以開機/停止的 LED 鍵暫停機器
隨機配件 低黏性切割墊12" x 12"(30.5 x 30.5 公分)
標準切割墊12" x 12"(30.5 x 30.5 公分)
6色彩色筆套裝 *
卡紙(深藍色 12" x 12" 305mm x 305mm)


工作空間 11.7" x 11.7"<br>*可自行加購11.7 x 24" 襯墊<br> <br>
標準裁切刀片 最大 0.8 mm(可能會因應使用物料而有變化)
深裁切刀片 最大3mm(可能會因應使用物料而有變化)
調較裁切刀片深度 自動偵測
剪裁速度 可自行調較裁切速度
調較裁切刀固定座壓力 自動偵測
剪裁物料 可剪裁厚達3mm 的物料:
布料; 紙張: 打印機/拼貼簿/卡片/塑料/描繪/海報版
布料剪裁: 薄棉/法蘭絨/毛毡料; 其他:磁鐵/貼紙/印章/薄木版/薄膠片/皮革/仿皮
掃描尺寸 12" x 24" (305 x 610 mm)
圖片類型 全彩色
掃描物料的厚度 3 mm(最多)
掃描解像度 600 dpi
認可類別 灰階或彩色
背景掃描調校 較暗/較淺
直接剪裁 邊框種類(11)
掃描為裁切資料 偵測類型: 概要
偵測類型: 地區
偵測類型: 線條(窄)
掃描至 USB
語言 8 (英文/德文/法文/荷蘭文/意大利文/西班牙文/俄羅斯文/日文)
開啟螢幕 開/關
蜂鳴器 開/關
剪裁空間 可以透過拉動/放下的操作更改
切割墊預覽 量度方格
內置設計 1303
內置圖案 100
內置字型 17
拉動和放下功能 選擇/移動 LCD 上的設計,使用觸控筆
添加圖案 添加其他設計
放大/縮小功能 設計可以放大或縮小
重量 6kg
尺寸( 寬 x 深 x 高 ) 531 x 215 x 173mm
保養 1年自攜保養

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