Targus TSB82801 15" Groove X Max Backpack Indigo Blue


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Targus TSB82801 15" Groove X Max Backpack Indigo Blue


靈感融合的時尚風格,專為Apple設計,最新的Groove X 系列for MacBook® 為攜行背包世界帶來了新的定義。

精心挑選的高品質防水雙色調材質和耐磨防水的底部,Targus Groove X Max 後背能安全防護至15" MacBook® Pro 配備Retina顯示器。背包採用了獨特的SafePORT®吊帶保護。它被設計成讓您的MacBook®可暫時存放在背包內,並作為減震器,分散衝擊並以最大極限來保護設備。配有15"防震襯墊隔間和iPad®專用口袋,具有天鵝絨防刮傷內襯,它可以輕鬆滑入和滑出,無灰塵或刮痕。背包中還具有巧妙的口袋和文具收納,和天鵝絨防刮傷內襯的前面口袋非常適合於您的太陽眼鏡或iPod。帶有軟墊的頂部與側邊手把,可以讓您有多種用途的使用方式。私人物品可以存放在背面的拉鍊側袋,確保嚴密和便於拿取。其他功能還包括背部加強襯墊透氣系統,能增加通風和舒適性;和符合人體工學的可調整肩帶。

有多種顏色和款式,Groove X系列提供了新鮮和智能的吸引力提升你的移動生活。







保固 有限終身保固

其他 Country of Origin: China

可容納的電腦尺寸 15" MacBook® Pro
with Retina display or up to
36.45 x 24.90 x 2.40 cm
14.35" x 9.82" x 0.95"

外部尺寸 45.4 x 19 x 31.5 cm
17.87" x 7.48" x 12.4"

磁片存儲 Polyester

重量 0.73 kg / 1.61 lbs

顏色 Indigo

Inspired with a blend of style and substance, designed specifically for Apple, the latest Groove X Series for MacBook® brings new meaning to the world of carry.

Carefully chosen with high quality water-resistant two-tone material and wear-and water- resistant bottom, the Targus Groove X Max Backpack intends to protect up to 15" MacBook® Pro with Retina Display. The backpack features the unique SafePORT® Sling protection. It is designed to suspend the MacBook® within the case, and to act as a shock absorber, dispersing impact and maximizing protection to the device. Designed with dedicated compartments for the MacBook® and iPad®, the velvet anti-scratch lining within allows easy slide in and out and free from dust or scratches. The backpack also features clever pockets and workstation for convenient storage and a front compartment with velvet anti-scratch lining perfectly suited for your sunglasses case or an iPod®. With cushioned top and side handles, it allows versatile usage option for your carry. Personal items can be stored in a zippered side pocket, located on the back panel, ensuring discreet and easy access. Additional features include extra cushion padded air mesh system built to increase airflow and comfort; and the shoulder straps are adjustable and ergonomic.

Available in a variety of colors and styles, the Groove X Series offers a fresh and smart appeal to enhance your mobile life.

SafePORT® sling protection for maximum protection of the MacBook®

Dedicated velvet lined front compartment for your sunglass or iPod storage

Cushioned top and side handles for comfort carrying

Back side pocket at back panel for easy access to your personal items

Wear and water-resistant bottom

Front stash pocket with advanced workstation and zippered mesh pockets for easy storage

Color Indigo

Computer Compatibility Dimensions 15" MacBook® Pro
with Retina display or up to
36.45 x 24.90 x 2.40 cm
14.35" x 9.82" x 0.95"

Exterior Dimensions (fully expanded) 45.4 x 19 x 31.5 cm
17.87" x 7.48 x 12.4"

Material Polyester

Other Country of Origin: China

Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

Weight 0.73 kg / 1.61 lbs

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