Scentco Disney Tsum Tsum 香FUN筆 (閃粉啫喱) Smens Glitter Gel Ink Pen (DT9000)

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Disney Tsum Tsum: Smens clickable glitter gel ink pen.

Each Smen is packaged in its own recyclable premium gift tube. Each Smen emits its scent through the unique scent vent design. There are 12 scents and 6 different pen colors.

  • Display holds 24 Disney Tsum Tsum: Smens
  • Come in premium gift tubes
  • 12 sweet scents
  • 6 pen colors
  • Write in colored gel ink.
  • © Disney © Disney/Pixar
    Cherry – Mickey
    Strawberry – Minnie
    Grape – Buzz Lightyear
    Watermelon – Toy Story Alien
    Lime – Mike Wazowski
    Bubble Gum – Cheshire Cat
    TangerineTangerine – Tigger
    Honey – Pooh
    Cotton Candy – Sully
    Blueberry – Stitch
    Marshmallow – Olaf
    Cupcake – Elsa

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