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?œAt $128, the Nest is a must have multi-function stand money can buy.?
I think I may have found the ideal, dare I say portable, clean and simple?yet extremely functional stand for the iPad and iPad 2.?� â€?Gadgetmac

Nest is the ideal place to rest your iPad. Either horizontally where the rubber lining cushions the backside, or vertically where the hidden cradle slides out and holds it in place. The always useful Nest is a compact solution that is an unobtrusive asset on any desk, next to a laptop or bedside table. When not in use, it blends into any environment as it cradles your keys, USB and other small necessities. Nest is a harmonious balance between style, practicality and value. This multipurpose product has heaps to discover and offer. It is compatible with iPad and iPad 2.


Easy iPad Stand or Valet

Nest is an unobtrusive asset on any desk, next to a laptop, or bedside table. A comfortable personal valet for small necessities when not holding an iPad and a versatile dual-angle stand when an iPad is present.

A Comfortable Fit

iPad and other devices can be securely placed at two different angles on Nest for comfortable browsing and displaying thanks to the co-moulded non-slip rubber edge and hidden slider cradle.


Intelligible Design

The always useful Nest is a compact solution that does not call too much attention or distract from your workspace. Provided in a variety of colors, this multipurpose product has heaps to offer and discover.

Versatile Valet

Our philosophy is to simplify the lives of others. As with our other products, the stark simplicity of the design can lead to many different uses. Nest is a versatile accessory that performs as an iPad stand but also multipurpose personal valet. There are many ways to use Nest when it's not holding your iPad. We hope you will have fun discovering clever ways to make Nest a convenient asset in your everyday life.

All Tablets Welcome

Nest works comfortably as a stand, dock or accessory to a variety of e-readers such as Nook, Kindle, Kindle DX or ideal resting place for various tablets such as Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry Playbook, Apple iPad or iPad 2.


Available in Black / White / Blue / Green / Orange / Pink

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